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The Medal of Hope & Magic

HOPE. To me it stands for How Ordinary People Endure.

This meaning is intangible. It is not often easy to grasp. It seems ethereal. As humans, we often need something tangible to feel, touch and experience to know that it is real.

While my message and story lives on through my book – Powered By Hope – and my foundation through speaking engagements, I wanted to take this a step further and make my message of HOPE personal and yes, real. I was determined to finding a way to really impact the lives of those around me who are, who like myself, are fighting the biggest battle of our lives against Cancer.

After much searching and self-reflection, it was so simple and clear. I used my own personal experience of training for my triathlons and receiving a medal at the end of the journey as a symbol of hope to share with for others.

I came up with a Medal of Hope and which led to a Coin of Courage. I believe in spreading HOPE to everyone who is dealing with Cancer. I knew that this would be rewarding, a privilege and very humbling; however I did not realize that something magical would happen to those who receive it and those presenting it.