Powered By Hope Champion Award

Powered By Hope Champion Award

Powered By Hope Champion Award

The Powered By Hope Champion Award, established by Teri Griege, CEO & Founder of the Powered By Hope Foundation in partnership with the Alvin C. Siteman Center, is a recognition program for extraordinary healthcare workers/volunteers who have gone above and beyond to provide hope, peace, inner strength and education to cancer patients and their families. The Award is presented quarterly.


If you would like to know more about this award, or want to learn about other ways you can help Powered By Hope in our work, please contact us at info@poweredbyhope.org

What Is the PBH Champion Award?

“Hope is a strong & powerful term that means something different to each person. We believe HOPE means How Ordinary People Endure”

                  ~ Teri Grege, Founder 

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