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How Hope Helps

Our Mission 
Powered By Hope is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to providing hope, strength, peace and education to cancer patients. “When you hear the words ‘You have Cancer’ you have just entered the greatest race of your life.” Our foundation is predicated on H-O-P-E – which stands for – How Ordinary People Endure.
About Powered By Hope
Powered By Hope Foundation is a St. Louis, Missouri-based nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. Our team of volunteers visits patients in hospitals, outpatient centers and other locations around the United States. This outreach delivers the one-on-one support and knowledgeable experience that can inspire hope in a survivor/fighter. 
Founded by Teri Griege, a stage IV colon cancer survivor/fighter, the foundation presents “Medals of Hope” and “Coins of Courage” to those living with a life-threatening battle, to acknowledge their fight and to empower hope, inner strength and personal resolve.
There is something unique about sharing a tangible symbol of hope and support. Whether presented by a Powered By Hope Ambassador, a concerned friend, family member, caregiver or even a stranger, Powered By Hope’s array of heart-warming gifts and tokens of Hope  empower and reassure survivor/fighters that they are not alone and to take this Journey one day at a time. 
Learn more about Teri Griege’s inspirational story.

“Supporting the Fighters, Admiring the Survivors, Honoring the Taken & Never, Ever Giving Up HOPE”

~ Anonymous  

“It is really neat that you and your team, ‘Powered By Hope’ have awarded some of my patients with the Medals of Hope. It is great to see people, like yourself, who have gone through the grueling ‘race’ against their cancers… come alongside and cheer for those who are just starting their journey… we all need to be uplifted and carried by the HOPE that your team represent. I am grateful and still amazed to see how many lives you have enriched by this kindness.”

- Dr. Ben Tan MD



“Thank you for coming to Siteman to visit me today. I really appreciate the medal and more importantly the time you spent with me. I am very fortunate to have great support all around me, friends, family, neighbors and my work. Everyone has been extremely supportive to me and my family. However it is different talking with cancer survivors. As you know, people try their best, but it is hard for them to really understand what we are going through. Talking with cancer survivors is different. You being there and beat it. It’s very encouraging!”

                        – Cancer Thriver, Jeff 

“In regards to receiving a Medal of Hope]… I love the hope that patients are given in that moment, and you can see it in their eyes. It is touching and encouraging, especially when things seem insurmountable. It is the reminder of hope that keeps the fight alive.”

- Ashley Morton, RN, MSN, ANP-BC












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