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What it Means to be a Thriver

Brave. Courageous. Tough. Powerful. Strong. Amazing. Unbelievable. Hero.

These are just a few descriptive words we often hear as Cancer Thrivers. While these are amazing words to hear, we wish we didnt have to earn those sentiments by enduring cancer.

The word cancer is polarizing; it is a word that instantly instills fear as soon as you hear it. However, for those of us who have heard it, and have surpassed the shock and awe of the moment it was first told to us, it now no longer seems to have the bomb-dropping initial affect it once had. Sadly enough, the word cancer is now part of our daily vocabulary a household word.

Being diagnosed with cancer is a static moment in time. Understanding when you are a survivor seems to be subjective. I have often received mixed reviews from doctors, nurses and fellow cancer cronies when you are technically a survivor; when you can you use this term as your own. Ive been told you are a survivor when you first find your cancer, because you found it when you did or you are a survivor after you have had surgery or chemotherapy.

For some though, survivor is a term that fits and sticks. For others like me, Thriver seems more fitting. This is because for me cancer is a chronic disease. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer and it has reared its ugly head more than once in different ways (which cancer often does). There are many battles I have fought and I continue to win. There is a not a day that goes by that I dont think about cancer, fight with cancer, prepare for cancer. It is just part of my life now and forever will be.

I am thriving feeling fortunate to be alive.

I am thriving ready to battle whatever cancer has in store for me.

I am thriving embracing each new day as a blessing.

I am thriving surrounding myself with positivity, energy and light.

I am thriving empowered by hope to endure.

To put it simply, I am a Thriver.

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